People Before Profit Alliance

People Before Profit Alliance

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The People Before Profit Alliance was formally established in October 2005 by workers from a variety of local campaigns. Its aim is to reverse neo-liberal policies which place wealth creation for the few over the welfare of communities in Ireland. The Alliance represents a different form of politics, fitting for the 21st century. It sees ‘people power’ and the mobilisation of citizens in workplaces, communities and on the streets as the key to bringing change in society. It is the ambition of the Alliance to operate on a 32-county basis and to offer a radical vision for our country. In addition to its aim of deepening the links between community groups, the Alliance also wishes to explore the potential for electoral politics but it is not interested in electing people who will join coalition governments with the dominant right-wing parties because they have all signed up to the ‘business success is paramount’ ethic.

Current Members Correct a mistake

Name Position From To
Richard Boyd Barrett TD Unknown Current
Sharon Briggs Unknown Current
Eddie Conroy Unknown Current
Nicky Coules Unknown Current
Hazel De Nortúin Councillor Unknown Current
Anna Doyle Unknown Current
Una Dunphy Unknown Current
Brian Finucane Unknown Current
Karl Gill Councillor Unknown Current
Melisa Halpin Councillor Unknown Current
Emma Hendrick Councillor Unknown Current
Madeleine Johansson Councillor Unknown Current
Andrew Keegan Councillor Unknown Current
Gino Kenny TD Unknown Current
Hugh Lewis Councillor Unknown Current
Tina MacVeigh Councillor Unknown Current
Ashling Merriman Unknown Current
Annette Mooney Unknown Current
Tom Moran Unknown Current
Gino O'Boyle Councillor Unknown Current
Jim O’Connell Unknown Current
Bríd Smith TD Unknown Current
Sonya Stapleton Councillor Unknown Current
Deirdre Wadding Unknown Current
Deirdre Wadding Councillor Unknown Current
Adrienne Wallace Unknown Current
Gareth Weldon Unknown Current

Former Members

Name Position From To
Joan Collins TD Unknown 2013-04-01
Pat Dunne Councillor Unknown 2013-04-25
Barry Martin Councillor Unknown 2016-01-21
Ruth Nolan Councillor Unknown 2016-12-31
John Lyons Councillor Unknown 2018-01-07