Who is my TD is no longer active

We listed over 2,081 representatives across Ireland

In 2013 when we initially built this site, we were surprised that such a simple idea - using your address to get a list of your public representatives - didn't exist on some government website. But it didn't, and we had the skills, so we built it. And it became bigger than we could have ever imagined, gettings 10s of thousands of visitors per month, even being used by TDs themselves.

By design, we always ran the site as a completely free service. We self funded all the development, the research, the maintenance costs etc. And that was fine. But after almost ten years, we can longer invest the time and resources required to do the project well. And if we can't do it well, then we've decided we shouldn't at all. It would do a disservice to the people who rely on it.

We will always be incredibly grateful for the number of organisations that linked to us, and trusted us to provide accurate information on who represents us in Ireland. Thank you for your support.

You can use this page on the Oireachtas website to find your TDs on a map. There is still no website that links all county councillors, but the individual county council website can usually provide a list of their councillors.